My year in music – 2019

It was a wonderful year for music. Not only did I discover so many good bands that broke genre boundaries but it also seems as if the neo-classical movement is getting stronger and stronger… or maybe I am just paying better attention.

As usual my top three is solid, the top ten had some thought behind it but is a bit more fluid and the rest of the albums are loosely ordered but might change depending on the day and where my head’s at. Bottom line: you don’t know an artist or album on this list? My advice is to go check it out as quick as possible!

Oh and on a side note : I also released my own debut album this year! Which I would not dare to include on this list but do like to point out before y’all delve into the treasure trove down below!

Find it here: Spotify / Apple Music

1. \\ Sharon van Etten // Remind Me Tomorrow

2. \\ Waste of Space Orchestra // Syntheosis

3. \\ FKA twigs // MAGDALENE

4. \\ Vieo Abiungo // The Dregs

5. \\ Julia Kent // Temporal

6. \\ Kelsey Lu // Blood

7. \\ Nils Frahm // All Encores

8. \\ Bent Knee // You Know What They Mean

9. \\ Alder & Ash // The Crowneater

10. \\ Nivhek // After its own death

11.Have A Nice Life // Sea of Worry
12.Josin // In the Blank Space
13.Big Brave // A Gaze Among Them
14.Chelsea Wolfe // Birth of Violence
15.Little Simz // GREY Area
16.Daniel Pioro // Dust
17.Olga Wojciechowska // Infinite Distances
18.Labelle // Orchestre univers
19.FortVio & Žibuoklė Martinaitytė // In search of lost beaty
20.Glassing // Spotted Horse
21.Olivier Latry // Bach to the Future
22.Apparat // LP5
23.Lip Talk // D A Y S
24.Ithaca // The Language of Injury
25.Dua Saleh // Nūr
26.Manu Delago // Circadian
27.Oliver Patrice Weder // O P W
28.A-Sun Amissa // For Burdened and Bright Light
29.Swans // Leaving Meaning
30.Rafael Anton Irisarri // Solastalgia
31.Clipping. // There Existed an Addiction to Blood
32.Ioanna Gika // Thalassa
33.Christopher Tignor // A Light Below
34.Clark // Kiri Variations
35.Attacca Quartet // Caroline Shaw
36.Caterina Barbieri // Ecstatic Computation
37.LudoWic // Xinob EP
38.Big Thief // U.F.O.F.
39.Coilguns // Watchwinders
40.Sparrows // Failed Gods