Beaches App

Beach app contains various information about various Dutch beaches. If you’re visiting the beach this app will inform you about weather conditions and how to enjoy the beach safely.

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Users will be informed about current and projected weather information on the beach, ranging from the more common facts like temperature to information specifically interesting for watersports like wind direction, swell and wave height. Through the app users are also able to find the closest lifeguard post and information about hospitality and attractions.

The visuals of the app are designed to change with the weather type. So if it’s sunny and hot the app will turn bright orange and feel warm like summer. But when it starts raining or snowing the app will change accordingly and turn to blue or grey. We created animated icons for every weather type available.


Client: Gemeente Den Haag & Veiligheidsregio Haaglanden
Development: YipYip
Released 2015


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