Bru-taal is primarily based upon exercises given to children (8-12) who are falling behind in their development of the Dutch language. It focusses on a variety of thematics, from present tense to imperfect tense and adjectives.

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The exercises are purposefully designed to look very similar to the content teachers and speech therapists normally work with so that the app would instantly be attractive to use in their sessions with the children. The exercises are in an ascending difficulty but the app also tracks what subjects are more difficult for a child so that they can get extra extra playtime within that theme.



When I first got involved with the project I was not working for YipYip yet and due to contract restrictions I could only get involved with the musical aspects of the development and had an advisory role. They wisely choose Gwen Stok as the illustrator for the project and she delivered some crazy designs with the concept that YipYip and Flonc had come up with.

After my first year at YipYip the app was getting pretty old and we decided that, being one of the more successful Dutch educational apps, it deserved an extreme makeover. We not only got to push up the overall resolution but were also able to make use of a lot more animation, bringing the fun characters of Gwen to life more than before.


Bru-taal won the Meester App Award 2013!


Client & Development:
FloncYipYip & Gwen Stok
Released 2012

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