Cunini is an action / puzzle game developed by Dingus Games in which Jinx the bunny has to carry colorful creatures called Cunini to safety. Cunini come in different kinds and colors, each with their own entry and exit doors. I had the honor to write the theme song, several unique stage songs and create the sound effects.

In each room, all entering Cunini will try to get to their exit door, but on the way they may be eaten by monsters, or be destroyed by other obstacles. Jinx can pick them up and put them down again on a safer spot, where they can safely reach their exit. While writing the music I really wanted to give the Cunini a voice so I worked a lot with synths that sounded like cute animals and even recorded myself and pitched it all up to adorable heights!



Client: Dinges Games
Development: Dinges Games, Studio Brain Muffin
Released 2013

Cunini – Slider