Jip en Janneke

These two picturebook kids are one of the more famous duos in Holland. Their adventures have been told en retold for several generations through books and animation. The current generation of Dutch children is also growing up with the characters created by Annie MG Smith and Fiep Westendorp but beside the books and animations they also appear in apps these days.

Download ‘Dieren‘ for iOS & Android

JipJanneke Dieren Slider

With YipYip we had the honor to create two seperate apps based on books created for the youngest of youngest children. One app is about animals and one app about toys. By clicking on different icons young children learn new words and get to see the illustrations come to life through animation. The apps also include simple puzzles that correspond with their cognitive abilities.

Download ‘Spelen‘ for iOS & Android

JipJanneke Spelen Slider

Client: Querido Kinderboeken & WPG Kindermedia
Development: YipYip
Released 2015

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