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One of Hollands biggest writers for children and young adults is Paul van Loon. His books have been turned into movies and plays and most kids will probably have read atleast one of his books, full of spooky characters like vampires, werewolves and witches. At YipYip we had the honor to create an app where kids can explore the magical world of Paul van Loon, while unlocking advice about writing books and even preparing school assignments!

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The books of Paul van Loon are very recognizable due to recurring characters and the colorful illustrations. After so many years there are hundreds of illustrations available so we choose those as a starting point for the concept. It needed to be a reasonably small project so we thought of a game where you could unlock various rooms based on his stories and find different kinds of puzzles to solve. Solving puzzles would unlock additional content like videos, music or complete chapters from available books!


Client: Leopold & WPG Kindermedia
Development: YipYip
Released 2016

Paul van Loon Slider

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