Skills @ School

Together with ROC Friese Poort and Kenteq we developed Skills @ School, one of our first apps for one of the first commercially available tablets. The app was designed for intern coaches working with interns in the field of mechanics, like car mechanics or small factories.

The school had a hard time getting the field coaches to fill in the necessary paperwork that would give them the information they needed to rate their students. Looking for a solution to reduce the time field coaches needed to fill in the forms they turned to a gamification approach. After several iterations the app reduced the time it would take to fill in the forms over more than four times, plus giving a more up to date look at what problems interns and coaches were facing day to day.

Unfortunately we learned through field tests that most coaches, although reluctantly, preferred the paper work above the fairly new touch devices so the project was cancelled in favour of a more traditional but very good website. After half a decade of touch devices taking over daily life I wonder if this app would have integrated better…

Client: Otib
Development: &Ranj, ROC Friese Poort, Kenteq

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