Undisclosed Project

In the winter of 2014 we started work on an app idea for a new start up. The founder is an excellent writer who started work on creating small poems and wisdoms that needed to be shared with the world. We had the honor to find a way to do this through the many possibilities apps offer.

Due to a number of reasonsĀ the app was never granted a long life which still makes me a bit sad. Nonetheless I am still proud of the creativity I was able to pour inĀ to the project thanks to the freedom granted by the writer. Out of protection for their original concept and ideas I will only show a small portion of the work I created, mainly the illustrations and animations showing different iconic landmarks from around the world and a theme song that I got to compose and record.

Listen to a short music segment:


Client: Undisclosed
Development: YipYip
Released 2016

Panorama Slider